Monday, November 18, 2013

A Year of Parenting

This pretty much sums it up!

image from here

Parenting Done Right

I came across these pictures showing two parents who are doing it right. They went above and beyond to keep that sense of mystery and imagination in their children lives. We can all take a note from their parenting book. 

 images from here

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Creative DIY Costumes

Halloween is fast approaching, and although there are a lot of cool costumes you can buy, nothing beats a creative DIY. Check out these for kids, I found them on the Oh Happy Day blog and they are all doable and amazing! I favorites are the snail, cloud, field of flowers and Frida Kahlo.

And nothing beats an creative adult costume too, the best I've seen so far are

Monday, October 21, 2013

My New Print

As promised in this previous post, here is my new barn owl print from The Animal Print Shop. Getting this in a bigger size would have been amazing but my budget currently wont let me spend $1500 on a photography print lol. So I got the smallest 8x11 size for $25 to add to my current gallery wall in my living room. I love it and so do the kids, who are obsessed with birds.

My gallery wall before


And after

Prints from Etsy, Society6 and

Late Friday Funny- Mom's favorite...

The Children's Table

If I had to choose one children's item that we cant live without, it would be our kids table and chair set. We have it set up in the living room in lieu of a traditional coffee table and it is always in use. My oldest uses it for legos, playing, coloring, reading and the twins also sit there with her to share a snack. There are so many great options for children’s table and chair sets, one to fit every space and budget. For my home I chose this one from They ship to Canada and you see the import fee and duties before you pay, which is always a plus for Canadian shoppers (they also have very reasonable shipping rates). With three kids, I was specifically looking for one with 3 or more chairs, which is hard to find. I like this set because it takes up very little floor space, it’s a neutral color, comes with four stools and can grow with my kids since it is higher than many kids tables. Here are some of my favorites for every budget

Under $50

                                                                     IKEA Latt 

Obviously the best part is the price! At $24.99 it's perfect even to purchase as a second set for grandma’s house. Apart from the amazing price, the best part about this set is how easy it is to customize. It comes in unfinished wood which makes is super easy to paint whatever color you want, check out some of my favorite LATT hacks below-

 Under $150

P'kolino Little Ones table and chair set. I like this set because it is colorful and very high quality. Buy it here

Guidecraft Nordic Kids 5 piece set, this is the one I have and I love it. Buy it here

Under $500

Sodura Aero 3 Peice set. If budget was no object, I would definitely get this one. I love the modern and slightly whimsical design. Buy it here

Dana from House*tweaking posted this great table and chairs she bought at It did not come as a set, she bought the table and two chairs separately, here and here. I just love the large size of the solid oak table and the white wire baby bertoia chairs are a timeless classic. Both are stylish and very durable. This goes to show that you don't have to buy a whole matching set, the right mix looks amazing. The table is actually a coffee table so once the kids get older it can be used as one. 

Do you have any other recommendations? Which are your favorite?

Monday, October 7, 2013

Product Spotlight - The Animal Print Shop

As an avid animal lover I have always been in love with photography from The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose. They are simple yet so striking and can really fit into any room and decor. I especially love the baby animals for nurseries, and the large striking birds as a focal point in a living room. I just purchased this owl print for my own home and cant wait to show you how it will look. 

As you can see below many of the animal images are cute which kids will love but it will still grow with them past the nursery stage. 

Below are some examples of the animal prints in other rooms of the house. They can create a powerful focal point just about everywhere depending on the image you choose. 

all images via animal print shop

Friday, October 4, 2013

Beauty find- Clarins Beauty Flash Balm

Apparently this is a cult classic and one of Clarins best selling product. According to the company one is sold around the world every 20 minutes! I only discovered it a few weeks ago while reading a random beauty product article and after reading a lot more positive reviews (here and here) decided to try it out.
It claims to re-energize the look of tired and dull skin, and as mom’s we know exactly what that looks like. This one product acts almost like a moisturizer, primer and skin brightener all in one. It contains witch hazel and elastin to minimize the look or pores and fine lines and tighten skin. You can wear it alone or over moisturizer if you have dry skin, but you can also wear it as an intensive mask.
After using it a few times in the morning my verdict is that it works great! I noticed a difference in the appearance in my skin for sure, it just looked more ‘energized’ and fresh. Allure magazine said it perfectly- "its like a shot of espresso for the face". It looked a lot different than just wearing normal moisturizer. This cream won Allure Magazine 'Best of Beauty' award in 2011, 2012 and 2013. 
But do not expect miracles, no cream will ever replace the effects of a good 7 hour sleep. Anyone still remember those? the kind of sleep you got before you had kids. Sleep is still unfortunately one of the main ingredients for better skin, but until that becomes norm I’ll definitely be relying on a little help from the beauty industry, especially this cream. You can buy it at Sephora and Shoppers Drugmart in Canada. 

friday funny - sleep!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Shared Room Inspiration

More and more people I know who have children close in age are opting to have one designated sleeping room for the kids and one designated play room, as oppose to separate bedrooms. I know from personal experience that my kids spend very little time in their rooms. We are in there mainly while getting ready in the mornings and at bed time. Having one whole room with toys, a place to read and color all on the same floor/area as the rest of bedrooms would be very useful. We don't always like going all the way to the basement (where we keep most toys) to play, and in turn most of the toys end up the living room and upstairs anyways. With two rooms for three kids, right now this isn't an option for us, but definitely the plan for our next home. 
Here are some inspirational pictures of shared rooms done right.



Shared Boy-Girl Rooms

Undecorated Kids' Rooms | via Family Living | House & Home

girls room

Baby Proofing Done Right

This will not be a post about baby gates and corner cushions.
My goal is to show you that you do not have to completely change your home decor style to cater to your rowdy toddler (or toddlers!). One of the most important pieces of furniture you should reevaluate in your home when your little ones start to walk is your coffee table. Apparently coffee tables are the number one reason for ER visits for children learning to walk. They are the perfect height for head injuries and most have sharp corners. I had a glass waterfall table similar to this from urban barn (sorry I do not have a proper before picture of it in my living room). It did not have very sharp corners but because of its weight and hard glass, it wouldn't budge on impact and resulted in a few bad bumps before we decided to put it into storage for a while. I replaced it with a Moroccan pouf I bought here (I will be dedicating a post solely to Moroccan poufs soon as I am in love with them) and this light children’s wooden table a chairs set. We can still put our feet up on the pouf and the kids table and chairs get give everyone space for drinks and snacks without worrying about stains and spills (stay tuned for a full house tour).
Other things to consider are things like book shelves and breakables.  You can replace all your sharp and heavy objects with kid friendly things so you don’t have to worry about little hands touching them, there are plenty of beautiful wooden toys you can find that are display worthy. Or you can simply put them out of reach by replacing open shelving with closed storage or glass front cabinets so you can still display objects.
My favorite stylish baby proofing was done by Joy of the blog Oh Joy!. She actually had a baby safely specialist to come in and help. You can read all the details here. Below are some beautiful before and after pictures of her living room pre and post baby proofing. Notice how she replaced her mid-century coffee table with two giant leather poufs, perfect and comfortable for all members of the family! Getting a custom made seat cover for her white couch was also a worth while investment. She replaced her bar cart with a beautiful cabinet from west elm where she keeps breakables out of reach. A perfect example of a few little changes you can make to make your home safer for baby.

All Images from here

Monday, September 30, 2013

Friday Funny - chore & reward chart for daddy

Budget Find - Myne Scout Jacket

I have been lusting over this 'Scout' jacket by Myne for over a year after seeing it on Marlien Rentmeester of LE CATCH and Sincerely Jules. The black white colors are perfectly neutral but the fun pattern keeps things interesting. I also find the collar less cut very fresh in a sea of blazers and moto jackets. I wanted one, but the nearly $150 price tag (with shipping and taxes) is a little over my budget. Light jackets/blazers seem to be weakness of mine and couldn't spend that much on yet another one. It's been in my 'saved searches' on ebay for over a year and not one has come. I didn't think I could find a cheaper alternative given the jackets unique cut and print. But low and behold I found something similar enough today by chance at H&M. No, it's not identical but for only $40 it's close enough! I was actually surprised by the price tag, the jacket (feels more like a heavy cardigan) has a lot of weight to it and the knit and weaving is very detailed, something I have lately not come to expect from H&M. It's the perfect thing to throw on for falls cool and clip mornings. Good news- H&M now has online shopping, buy the cardigan here

The inspiration-

The inspiration-

The budget find-