Friday, August 30, 2013

Twin Essentials

When it comes to twins, choosing the right products that work make a world of a difference. Thankfully I was not new to the world of baby products and having twins as my second and third babies instead of my first really helped with this aspect. I already has a trial run with what worked for me and what didn't, but despite this the twins were a game changer! You have to analysis everything you decide to bring into your home from a different angle. The first difference is that simply you need two of many things, because of this- space and budget are often the deciding factors. 
This Ikea highchair and crib are not only budget friendly, which is important when having to buy two, but they take up very little space. The crib has the smallest footprint of any I have come across, and two can be easily placed in even the smallest of bedrooms. The highchair was also my choice for the same reasons. At under $25, it is at least $75 cheaper then most standard highchairs from baby stores. They are also very easy to keep clean since it is all flat plastic surfaces AND very portable because of how light they are. 
Another must have item for me which many people might over look is this portable highchair from Ingelsina. These were lifesavers for us! unlike most other portable highchairs, these can attach even to shallow counter top overhangs. They also fold flat, come with their own storage bags and the material comes off and is machine washable. We brought them and used them everywhere from family dinners to picnics to restaurants. So instead of getting a second pair of highchairs for 'grandmas' house, these might be a better option for many people and are definitely worth the investment. 
This diaper bag from Skiphop was a lifesaver! Not only did I have room for my twins stuff (and there is a lot!) but I also found space for my older daughters drink/hat/snacks/bunny. There are so many pockets for everything to stay organized and it conveniently attaches to the handel of double side-by-by strollers. 
Next is the stroller, I will only talk about the double stroller briefly since I will be writing a full review on the Bumbleride Indie Twin shortly. First I would like to say that strollers are probably one of the hardest baby items to recommend to people since they really have to fit everyone's different lifestyles. Similar to a car, something small and light will not work for someone that does a lot of walking and 'offroading'. This stroller worked for us because we found the ride very comfortable, it still fits through standard doorways and folds up relatively small for a full sized double stroller. Stay tuned for my full detailed review of this stroller which will be up shortly....

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