Monday, September 30, 2013

Friday Funny - chore & reward chart for daddy

Budget Find - Myne Scout Jacket

I have been lusting over this 'Scout' jacket by Myne for over a year after seeing it on Marlien Rentmeester of LE CATCH and Sincerely Jules. The black white colors are perfectly neutral but the fun pattern keeps things interesting. I also find the collar less cut very fresh in a sea of blazers and moto jackets. I wanted one, but the nearly $150 price tag (with shipping and taxes) is a little over my budget. Light jackets/blazers seem to be weakness of mine and couldn't spend that much on yet another one. It's been in my 'saved searches' on ebay for over a year and not one has come. I didn't think I could find a cheaper alternative given the jackets unique cut and print. But low and behold I found something similar enough today by chance at H&M. No, it's not identical but for only $40 it's close enough! I was actually surprised by the price tag, the jacket (feels more like a heavy cardigan) has a lot of weight to it and the knit and weaving is very detailed, something I have lately not come to expect from H&M. It's the perfect thing to throw on for falls cool and clip mornings. Good news- H&M now has online shopping, buy the cardigan here

The inspiration-

The inspiration-

The budget find-

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Product Spotlight - Stuck on You Labels

One thing you notice when your little one starts school, is how you are required to label everything they own!
Everything from plastic lunch containers, drink bottles, jackets, shoes and backpacks has to be marked with your child’s name. At first I thought a black permanent marker would do the trick, and for backpacks and lunchboxes it does, but not everything else. The permanent marker comes off plastic containers after one or two washes, and how do you properly label shoes???
Enter Stuck On You Labels. This company has made labeling easy and fun. You can buy a customized set of plastic or fabric labels, with your child’s name and even a fun design for $25-$30 for 50, enough to probably last them through elementary school. Best thing is that they stay put and are dishwasher/microwave safe. It's the perfect solution for plastic lunch containers and bottles. I choose a cute bird design called 'Spring Nest' that my daughter loves. 
Another smart option is their shoe labels which are also customizable. It's almost like a fabric sticker that you place right under the heel. Fabric iron on labels are also on option for jackets and hoodies but since I will likely be passing a lot of clothes down to my younger children, I would first like to check with the company to see how easily (if possible at all) these iron on labels are to remove. If they are removable somehow, I think these would be a great idea for coats, hoodies, even inside of hats and mittens Anything your child has to remove and store during school is always more likely to get misplaced. You can visit the company at or (for those in Canada). Check out some of their products below (all images from the stuck on you Pintrest Page)

Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday Funny - you're not doing it right