Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Baby Proofing Done Right

This will not be a post about baby gates and corner cushions.
My goal is to show you that you do not have to completely change your home decor style to cater to your rowdy toddler (or toddlers!). One of the most important pieces of furniture you should reevaluate in your home when your little ones start to walk is your coffee table. Apparently coffee tables are the number one reason for ER visits for children learning to walk. They are the perfect height for head injuries and most have sharp corners. I had a glass waterfall table similar to this from urban barn (sorry I do not have a proper before picture of it in my living room). It did not have very sharp corners but because of its weight and hard glass, it wouldn't budge on impact and resulted in a few bad bumps before we decided to put it into storage for a while. I replaced it with a Moroccan pouf I bought here (I will be dedicating a post solely to Moroccan poufs soon as I am in love with them) and this light children’s wooden table a chairs set. We can still put our feet up on the pouf and the kids table and chairs get give everyone space for drinks and snacks without worrying about stains and spills (stay tuned for a full house tour).
Other things to consider are things like book shelves and breakables.  You can replace all your sharp and heavy objects with kid friendly things so you don’t have to worry about little hands touching them, there are plenty of beautiful wooden toys you can find that are display worthy. Or you can simply put them out of reach by replacing open shelving with closed storage or glass front cabinets so you can still display objects.
My favorite stylish baby proofing was done by Joy of the blog Oh Joy!. She actually had a baby safely specialist to come in and help. You can read all the details here. Below are some beautiful before and after pictures of her living room pre and post baby proofing. Notice how she replaced her mid-century coffee table with two giant leather poufs, perfect and comfortable for all members of the family! Getting a custom made seat cover for her white couch was also a worth while investment. She replaced her bar cart with a beautiful cabinet from west elm where she keeps breakables out of reach. A perfect example of a few little changes you can make to make your home safer for baby.

All Images from here

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