Monday, July 21, 2014

Product Spotlight - OXO tot

My new favorite brand for innovative children's products has to be OXO, specifically their line 'Tot' line. I stumbled upon them when looking for a booster seat for my 2 year old twins. I saw it in a post featuring an IKEA kitchen renovation on House Tweaking (one of my favorite blogs), Dana featured a great kitchen renovation from a blog called 4th floor walk-up. I saw the booster seat in one of the pictures and asked where it's from and they both replied that it was the OXO tot booster seat.  I liked it for its simplicity, not to mention that it looks very comfortable since it has a padded seat and small back rest. My toddler's hate sitting in their high chairs now and meal time is becoming a challenge, cant wait to receive this! 

I also purchased this stroller hook , which we have been using for a few weeks now. I have been looking for a good stroller hook for a while now and I am so happy I choose this one (instead of mommy hook) because this one stays in place and it has a comfy padded grip that doubles as a handle for older children, my older daughter loves holding on to it on walks! 

We also got the OXO tot cutlery set for big kids and we love it too. The set is perfect for children that have outgrown the stubby little toddler cutlery but aren't quite ready for adult size yet. The fork and spoon have a nice narrow shape that's perfect for little mouths. Another product from OXO that I use now almost daily is the straw and sippy cup cleaner. Before having this I could never really get sippy cups (with all their nooks and crannies) truly clean. This product comes with three tiny tools that make it easy to get to every little part.

And last but not least, the OXO tot tub stopper. Our metal tub stopper that came with the tub was slowly leaking water, so before bath time was over the water was almost gone. I like this product because it has a suction cup so the stopper can be hung on the shower wall when not in use. It also does not have any parts that stick out that could hurt my babies legs in the tub. 

I am still waiting to receive and try out the booster seat so I will be sure to made an update on how we like that product. But, all the others that I have purchased and tried out...I love. They have simple and modern designs that are very well thought out.

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