Wednesday, July 23, 2014

When you're done with the diaper bag....

There comes a time in every mothers life when the transition from baby to toddler happens and you no longer need to lug around every paci, binki, blankie, stuffy, nappy, bottle....and everything else you need to survive a day out with baby (or babies). Carrying all those essentials usually requires a bag the size of a rolling carry-on with a million pockets and compartments, especially if you have multiples (imagine double of everything). 
When the transition to toddler happens it is time to ditch the diaper bag and find that perfect all-around bag geared towards the different activities you will be doing with your older children. You no longer need a insulated bottle holder or paci-pod taking up precious bag real estate. Instead you will need a bigger comfy tote or even backpack for those days out. If you already got rid of your stroller, comfort really is key since you will not have a stroller to hang or stash your bag in, requiring you to carry it through out the day. The items you are bringing with you are also changing. Frequent trips to the splash pad on summer days requires plenty of room for towels, bathing suits and big blankets. Bottles will be replaced by snacks, and diapers with band-aids and polysporin.
The key is to find a bag that is durable, spacious and most importantly light! My number one pick is the All Day Asana Tote from Lulu Lemon. It comes in many fun colors and patters. The little quick access pocket on the outside is very convenient for items like keys and cell phones, and there is also a removable inside pouch for larger items that can be used as a clutch. The bag has a durable polyurethane base and polyester body that is easy to wipe and keep clean. The straps on the outside are designed to hold a yoga mat, but I think its the perfect place to tote a blanket. 

If you are looking for something a little more refined and classic that can also double as a bag for work, the Jcrew Downing Tote is a good option. It comes in many different leather colors and can be monogrammed .

And for ultimate comfort on long day out, and perfect for travel, there is always the classic backpack! They have definitely come back in style and thee are so many chic options. Best thing about backpacks, they keep your hands free! And that definitely comes in handy when you are out with the kids :) 

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