Thursday, August 7, 2014

20 signs you live with a Toddler

Come across this amazing article 20 signs you live with a toddler on The Huffington Post Parents site and it is spot on! Ones that especially apply to me are:
14. You yell "Doggy!" every time you see one, even when you are alone.
17. You've broken three toes on the baby gate.
8. Every piece of fruit in the house has a small bite out of it.
9. You know every lyric to every Disney song since the '50s (especially having three girls)
And most importantly this...
12. It feels like a special occasion when you get to go to the bathroom by yourself.

I just discovered The Huffington Post Parents site and I will defintly be adding it to my daily blog list! So many funny and informative articles posted daily!

Note: the photo below is NOT me and I hope to never look like this poor women when I am out in public with my kids

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