Thursday, August 28, 2014

Beauty Find- Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Skin Protectant

It is the ultimate multi-tasker that I never leave home without and it has been a staple for women and makeup artists since it was created in 1930. The formula has remained virtually unchanged since then, apart from the fragrance free version now available. There are few products out there that can repair dry cuticles and lips, protect skin against harsh winter weather, battle eczema, add shine to eye lids, tame brows, soothe dry & cracked heels, calm sunburned skin, and calm irritation after shaving or waxing- this one does it all. A combination of petroleum, beta-hydroxy and vitamin E soothes, seals in moisture and delivers antioxidants. 
My daughter loves applying it to her eczema since it is one of the only creams that does not sting open wounds caused from scratching dry skin. And it is my favorite lip balm, perfectly light and glossy with a hint of pink. A little goes a long way and for about $25 you have a completely multi-tasker that has so many uses. FYI-I personally will ONLY buy the fragrance free version, the regular one has a very strong smell I find unpleasant. 

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