Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Chop Chop

A hair appointment this Tuesday has me searching for hairspiration, and the lob (long bob) is definitely still on my mind. I have not get decided on full blonde highlights or just ombre ones, and my biggest dilemma is whether to cut my bangs again...decisions decisions! Maybe some of these images will help make up my mind. 

UPDATE: I went with the first image below. I choose it because it is super low maintenance. By just dying the bottom half of my hair I do not have to worry about roots! With all over blonde highlights, I was at the salon every 2-3 months (=$$$). I love the length and cut as well, I am still able to put it back into a ponytail, which I do more often then I should. AND I got the bangs again, I missed them and I feel like myself again when I look in the mirror. 

all images from my pintrest board

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