Sunday, August 31, 2014

Farewell Summer

Happy labour day everyone!  Although summer is not officially over until September 22nd, labour day definitely feels like summers (unofficial) last hurrah.
We had quite a cold summer here in southern Ontario, but thankfully this last weekend turned out to be amazing weather wise. 
We spent Saturday BBQing with friends, celebrating the birth of their new baby girl. After not seeing a newborn for a while, I am always in awe of how little they are. It's hard to think that my own were even smaller just two years ago. 
Today we are hoping for some beautiful weather at Lake Huron. The beautiful beach and clear water always make the long drive worth it, as does the stop of ice cream on the way home. 
With another year school just around the corner, I hope everyone spends the day relaxing and enjoying before the craziness begins again.

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