Monday, August 25, 2014

Triple Espresso in my Latte Kinda Morning

Going back to work this morning was especially rough. I have been on vacation for the past two weeks, sleeping in till 8:30, spending my days at the playground and having lunch with my girls on the deck, it was amazing. While the twins had their afternoon nap, my mother in law would come by so I could spend some one-on-one time with my 5 year old daughter. We visited her favorite toy store Mastermind Toys (she is already working on a Christmas wishlist) and we ate way too much gelato. Since I got a lot done during the day, my evenings were spent with my husband and a glass of vino catching up on movies we have been meaning to watch like ‘Boyhood’ and ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’.

I also spent a day shopping in Toronto with my daughter and sister in law. We went to Ikea and walked around Queen West where purchased these and this from CB2 (love!). I tried my first 'flat white' at Dark Horse Espresso Bar, it was delicious with strong espresso taste but still rich and creamy and not overly strong or bitter, and the cafe was amazing. So despite some unseasonably cold days (hoodies in August? Ugh) I had an amazing time off.

A few weeks ago I mentioned my Staycation Challenge- 10 parks in 10 days, and I am happy to say I did it. We discovered some amazing new parks in town that we will definitely visit again, check them out on my instagram feed under hashtag #tenparksintendays. It was so much for the kids to play on a new playground every day. I noticed they spent so much more time on each one versus how long they play on the ones we frequent almost every day by our house. We spent day 5 at Canada’s Wonderland, which I know it not a local playground, but finding 10 days of nice weather during my vacation was harder than it should have been, because it rained so many times.

Here are some of my favorite moments during my time off:


  1. Hi Katy!

    I know this post is a little dated but I stumbled across it. I've been to Toronto a couple of times during the winter months. Trust me, you'd probably prefer the rain to the cold. :)

    I noticed you had a Flat White coffee! That is such a huge topic, recently I saw the article you referenced but also the one at flat white. I'd imagine they can taste quite different depending on who prepares them. Have you tried one since?

    Take care,

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