Friday, August 1, 2014

Patience Pays Off

After spotting this J.crew photo floral bathing suit on, and featuring it in my post called Not your mamas one piece, I fell in love. It was slightly high-waisted, had a supportive and flattering top, and I loved the yellow floral pattern. was completely sold out Net-a-Porter (only place it was available at the time) and at $55 for each piece, plus shipping and taxes, I was looking at around $150 (USD). I gave up and set up a eBay search hoping it my size would pop up one day. Weeks later when I was browsing the J.crew sale pages I found my size in just in the bottom. It was the last one left and with an extra 40% off and free shipping, it was only $26- SOLD. Again I knew I would have to be patient to find my size in the top, and with no luck on eBay I almost gave up. Until today...found the only one exactly in my size on the J.crew site, again 40% and free shipping. Moral of the story is everything goes on sale eventually, so with some patience and luck I got the bathing suit I love for $56 vs $150!

 Can't wait for a beach day!

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