Thursday, August 14, 2014

Product Spotlight - BAGGU Bags

I recently read an article on Fashionista titled- How Baggu Became One of the Most Ubiquitous Bag Brands Around. Over the years I never realized just how popular this reusable bag company has become. Emily Sugihara, along with her mom Joan started BAGGU after Emily finished college. Her goal was to make a cute reusable shopping bag. Their first product was the Standard Baggu, a nylon shopping bag that comes in its own 5x5 inch pouch and it currently comes in 29 different colors and patterns. The company now sells their bags in over 1000 different locations, everywhere from Apple, West Elm and J.crew They expanded their product line and now have different sizes of the nylon shopping tote, and also make cute travel accessories and leather goods. 
I am proud of say I was probably Baggus first Canadian customers. After reading their first piece of press in Teen Vogue probably 10 years ago, I contacted the company to see if they ship to Canada. Emily Sugihara responded to my email personally and said they've never shipped to Canada before but she will look into rates for me. About a week later I got my first three reusable Baggu shopping bags which I still have today! 
Check out some of their products here

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