Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Product Spotlight- UrbanWalls

I was looking for a quick and fun way to add some visual interest to my oldest daughters room when I came across UrbanWalls on Etsy. They sell a wide assortment of different vinyl wall decals that are easy to apply and remove with zero commitment, which is perfect for a child's room. The decals include everything from metallic hearts & polka dots, to clouds, birds and even cute pineapples. The possibilities are endless when to comes to application, you can do one wall to create a focal point like I did or choose to do the whole room.  
I will soon have a full post showing my daughters room and which decals we choose for it. If you are looking to create a specific pattern like I was the hardest part was measuring everything out so it is even, after that you just stick and go. We loved the way it turned out and I cant wait to share the pictures!
Check out some of my favorites pictures from UrbanWalls below, I especially love the big flamingo family (if only I had some place to put it!).


  1. Great idea and amazing decals Ill pick something out for my little munchkin :)