Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Check Out- Weelicious

Packing your child a healthy lunch every morning that they will actually eat is more challenging than I thought. Even though my daughter is quite a picky eater, thankfully there is a variety of ‘snacks’ she really enjoys. But, pack her any type of sandwich and it comes back uneaten. I find a wide variety of smaller ‘snack’ items stand a much better chance of being eaten every day. Thankfully she loves smoothies, especially the green ones! I make a new batch every other morning and make sure to fill it with spinach or greens powder, I add almond milk, strawberries, bananas and whatever other fruit I have frozen in my freezer. I pack that in her ‘Juice in the Box’ (wrote about it here) and I know she is at least getting some nutritious fruit and vegetables.
After a few weeks of school, I am slowly running out of ideas for healthy snakes and lunches, but thankfully I came across Weelicious on instagram a few days ago, and I am obsessed. Catherine Mccord manages to create most amazing lunches for little ones, full of fun shapes and colors that kids love. She manages to put together a new lunch everyday, with products I would have never thought of packing. 

Check out some of my favorite lunches!

The website is so much more then lunches though! There are sections for homemade baby food which have different fruit and vegetable purees, toddler recipes which feature things like strawberry-banana almond milk popsicles and family meal ideas with recipes for things like protein bars an shrimp scampi. 
There is even a family meal planner so you get optimize your grocery trips.
It is a great all around family meal website that is fun and healthy, and full of amazing ideas for everyone. 
You can check out the website here, or follow Catherine on instagram and pintrest


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