Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Time to Go Back!

We all know back to school can be a hectic time for a family! Getting back into the school routine is not easy after two long months of summer. My daughter will be starting senior kindergarten tomorrow and I admit this year is much less nerve racking then last when she was first starting J/K. 
That very first time at school is full of excitement and stress, especially not knowing how quickly your child will adapt to classroom life. Even the most outgoing children might have a hard time starting school for the first time.
My own daughter is quite shy around new people and has never attended daycare so I was a little nervous to see how her first day would go last year (especially since she wouldn't even look at the teacher when attending ‘met-the-teacher’ days before school began). She also mentioned that she was scared to go on the big bus with the older kids, but when the first day of school came she got right on the bus and didn't look back. She came home later that day with a note from the teacher saying that she was very talkative and not shy at all which I was pleasantly surprised about. Now after a long summer she can't wait to go back, especially to see her friends and teachers. She thrived in the busy classroom environment where everyday there was something new to learn and do.
So starting tomorrow we will all be in school mode - waking up earlier, making lunches, walking to the bus stop and even some light homework this year! The transition from summer to school will take some time getting use to for the whole family.

I recently came across a few links I found on Apartment Therapy that I found very useful to get back into the schoolMODE.

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