Wednesday, October 1, 2014

First then Second

I recently came across a post called Raising Your First Child vs. Second Child on one of my favorite blogs A Cup of Jo and found it very funny and ever so true. She makes a reference to a book called This is Ridiculous, this is Amazing... by comedian Jason Good. He wrote is funny comparison of what its like raising your first child versus raising your second child, check it out-

First Kid: All homemade in special baby-food processor. Quinoa! Spinach! Sweet potatoes!
Second Kid: Crackers.

First Kid: Crib that Daddy put together himself while Mommy yelled at him.
Second Kid: Mommy's bed. Daddy now has his own room with a mattress on the floor surrounded by dirty socks.

First Kid: One hundred percent organic cotton. Some even made of bamboo?
Second Kid: His brother's old clothes.

First Kid: In our backyard with a piñata hanging from the Japanese maple.
Second Kid: Pizza on the floor.

First Kid: Every night in a special bathtub that's just the right size. Hand-washed with a soft cloth or silky sponge.
Second Kid: Twice a week. Swimming pools count.

Nighttime Routine
First Kid: Swaddled in a Miracle Blanket. "Baby Beluga" sung to him. Asleep by 7:30pm.
Second Kid: Falls asleep on the sofa with mom's boob in his mouth at 10:30pm.

First Kid: Playgroups, mommy and baby get-togethers in the park!
Second Kid: His brother's friends.

First Kid: All handmade out of wood. Mostly Swedish.
Second Kid: The boxes his brother's toys came in.

TV Rules
First Kid: PBS/Sesame Street only. Two 23-minute shows per day.
Second Kid: Has his own Netflix account.

First Kid: Something European with an umlaut in its name.
Second Kid: Old muddy shoes with faded umlaut and missing sole insert.

Potty Training
First Kid: Diapers, then some kind of training underwear, then underwear.
Second Kid: Might crap in a diaper until college.

First Kid: A wonderful woman named Sarah, whom he loves and will cherish for the rest of his life.
Second Kid: Doesn't have one. We never go out.

I think he sums it up perfectly! 
Its not that parents don't care as much about the second child as they did about the first, but by the second child you are just so much more experienced and relaxed about the whole thing. You know nothing bad will happen if your child watches a little more tv some days, skips a bath or falls asleep in bed with you more than once. But apart from knowing what to expect, you also have less time when your second child arrives. Sometimes you will need a tv show for your toddler when you are trying to get your baby to nap, or a quick (not nutritious) snack when you don't have time to make lunch. I find that with the first child, you also read way to many books about baby food and parenting that you assume EVERYONE ALWAYS follows the rules of perfect parenting. But as you talk to other honest mothers you befriend, they too will admit that they sometimes take shortcuts in order to keep their sanity while mothering more then one child. 

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